by 苏珊娜·利卡塔

Remember when the only time we fastened onto the term “essential workers” was in a weather event like a snowmageddon and the city would say to us non-essential types – stay home, 从街上, 给真正重要的人让路! 亚美am8手机app官网以为他们指的是紧急救援人员, 扫雪机司机和快速旅行的员工.

It turns out, that term always included property managers and maintenance staff – the people 现场 who make sure the utilities are working, the sidewalks are clear and parking lots passable. 库里房地产服务公司有一些最好的. 亚美am8手机app官网在这里分享四个长期任职的伟大人物的故事. They take such pride in what they do but can hardly think of what is so special about that when we ask. 他们认为,好吧,这只是亚美am8手机app官网如何做亚美am8手机app官网所做的,为了别人.

托马斯·梅尔斯在家里的农场工作了好几年, 经营牲畜和家族五金生意, 首先在爱荷华州,然后在明尼苏达州, 又做了十几年的输电线路焊工. By the time he started taking care of maintenance at Cherokee Village 12 years ago, 他掌握了所有他需要的技能, 他充分利用了他们.

“亚美am8手机app官网这里没有太多与服务相关的问题,”他说. “过去12年,我一直在研究这个问题. We get resident comments all the time about how nice things are, how we manage and keep things up. 这是一个团队的努力,我喜欢这样.”

He was a one-man maintenance band for Cherokee Village before Curry acquired it in 2014. “自从库里接管球队以来,球队走过了漫长的道路,”他补充道. “I get a lot of positive comments even when I’m out like at a Lowe’s and they see my Curry shirt. 该公司在社区中获得了很多尊重.”

Thomas said he’s spent a lot of time at Cherokee Village and has really gotten to know the place. 他说,即使不工作的时候,他也会发现自己回到了现场. “当我在业余时间感到无聊的时候, 我倾向于在这里做些事情,”他补充道. “我喜欢看到好的改变,我非常有动力做到最好.”

最近对他的认可, 和咖喱, 最佳奖项是克雷县公共卫生中心泳池安全优秀奖. 它认可, “… facilities that successfully follow the Clay County Rules and Regulations for pools/spas, exhibit pool quality and safety practices and achieve exceptional inspection results.” That kind of personal attention is a bonus for residents and the company alike but he says it’s no more than what he sees from the Curry team. 他补充说:“我喜欢和员工们一起工作,他们太棒了。. “Mr. 布洛克,艾伦和整个公司团队都认识我,对我很好. 我喜欢帮助任何有需要的人. 我就是喜欢这份工作.”

哪一个听起来更久,26年还是在个人电脑出现之前? 哇! Both are measures of 蒂娜米勒’s career as a property manager with am8亚美手机app where she takes care of the people and property at Manor Ridge and Crysler Plaza East and West.

蒂娜说:“刚开始的时候,我住在马诺里奇隔壁。. “我是一个很好的组织者, 但一开始我学到了很多——电脑, 传真机还是新的时候该怎么用呢. I also got handy with small matters like how to light a hot water heater or replace a fuse.”

She has since turned the good fortune of literally being in the right place at the right time, 还有她从母亲那里继承的疯狂的组织能力, 成为物业管理专业设定的标准.

Tina开始一天的工作,回答早期居民的问题,并结束它, 回家后, 回答更多. “我不喜欢邮件和短信堆积如山,所以我在晚上回复,”她说. “我让居民们知道我的手机号,所以他们有时会给我发短信. It lets me know their needs in real time so I can take care of them faster.”

她从公司领导层身上看到了这种关注程度. 蒂娜说:“库里的一个特点是,他们喜欢自己的财产保持不变。. “They care about their properties – want them to look good, be safe and professional.”

翻修是保持这一标准的重要部分. 就像库里的其他物业经理一样, Tina becomes a ring master of scheduling when major property upgrades are underway, “You have to be considerate of the residents while at the same time respecting how vendors and maintenance prefer to work, 以什么顺序.”

她说,这些特质都是她在库里的老板和同事们模仿的. “他们都是好人,”她补充说. “They listen to what I think and are patient no matter how much I bug them. 我觉得我是团队的一员. I’ve been here my whole career but why go somewhere else when you’re happy where you’re at?“已婚,有4个孩子和5个3到14岁的孙辈, Tina likes to spend her free time hanging with the grandkids – “It’s the number one thing I like to do!”

David was running his own handyman business when the opportunity to do maintenance for am8亚美手机app came along 15 years ago. 7个孩子(现在有13个孙子!) tends to concentrate the mind around steady work and job security so, he went for it.

“当你拥有自己的生意时, 工作往往是井喷式的,然后所有的事情都是马上完成的,”他说. “我想我会给库里一次机会.“这似乎奏效了. He does the maintenance at Manor Ridge and Crysler Plaza East and West and goes out to other properties when needed.

“At the time, I thought I pretty much knew all I needed to know to do this job,” David said. “I’ve been working on cars since I was six and ran my own handyman business. I did get my HVAC training with Curry and I like that you don’t always know what you’re going to get into – one day an electrician, 下一个水管工, 在那之后暖通空调, 有时一小时内三种情况都发生了.”

He likes to get everything throughout the entire multi-family property “fixed” so that he can focus all of his work on preventative maintenance. It’s a standard the Curry company can appreciate, and the feeling is mutual. “Curry offers great job security but having a good boss goes a long way to keeping me here,”大卫说. “He listens and does what he needs to do to take care of people and property.”

大卫讲了一个关于那个老板的好故事. 大卫当时在一处多户住宅里, 在极端天气情况下, can experience two creeks overflowing their banks at the same time causing flooding in the parking lot. 大卫在那里,大约10便士.m. at night, monitoring the situation but called his boss to let him know what was going on. 在电话上, 说老板让大卫往左边看,大卫发现了他, 有点潮湿,站在旋转的水面上的栏杆上, 还要在现场确保财产被妥善保管. 大卫声称他“救了”他的老板,但是,这是有争议的. 当他不在工作或执行所谓的救援时, 大卫说他喜欢打高尔夫球,喜欢开他那辆69年的大福特汽车, ’75, ’79). 他说,这些车都是可以开的,尽管他的日常用车都不是.

Nena Burgard
Nena Burgard被派遣到亚美am8手机app官网公司工作. “我生活在自由之中, 我到处都看到了他们的标志,并研究了他们, 意识到他们是多么的本地化和他们的好名声,”她说. “我决定要为他们工作.” So, she applied – three times over a couple of years until the perfect job – property manager, 而正确的时机——九年前, 遇到了合适的人——妮娜.

“It makes me proud to be with a company that is so popular in my neighborhoods,”Nena说, who serves as property manager for the multi-family communities Cherry Street Studios, 荆棘崖工作室和松木工作室. “When people ask me what I do and I say I work for am8亚美手机app, 他们就像, “哦,我的天啊, 我以前住在那里, 还是在那里工作, 或者从他们那里租用商业空间——他们太棒了!””

She’s worked for other real estate companies before and sees the difference. “Every company has a corporate office but Curry’s is different,”她说. “这是更严谨的. 他们知道亚美am8手机app官网的居民是谁. 他们来到亚美am8手机app官网的财产. 他们关心事情的进展.”

拥有积极主动的心态是有帮助的. “I like to prevent things from arising so they don’t become an issue,”Nena说. “无论是维护还是居民满意度, 我的工作是让事情按部就班,这样亚美am8手机app官网就不会有紧急情况或冲突.”

A balance of kindness and respect is essential when your work is all about people and the quality of their home life, 她说. “You have to want to make sure your residents are taken care of,” she added. “如果他们需要什么, 或者亚美am8手机app官网正在进行维修或预防性维护, 亚美am8手机app官网尽量做出反应, 并迅速进出他们的家,尽量减少干扰.闲暇时,妮娜说:“我的生活就是我的家庭。.她观看两个儿子的足球、篮球和橄榄球比赛. Indulges her inner food fanatic with home cooking (and looks forward to getting back out to sample all the different area restaurants) and harbors similar dreams for getting back to concerts. “我喜欢一切音乐,”她补充道. “没有哪个音乐电台我不喜欢听.”